Termites live in colonies and can contain hundreds to thousands of insects that eat wood twenty fours a day. Termites thrive in warmer climates, but the only place where they haven’t been successful at living is Antarctica. There are two types that termites that cause home damage, dry wood termites, who cause the most damage, and Moist wood termites, who cause much less damage. Termite damage can be hard to spot as these tiny insects can hide in the walls, and sub-structures of homes.

Termite in home

Having your home regularly inspected for signs of termites is important, homeowners can do this inspection, but may overlook some signs of infestation. Having a trained pest control expert do a regular inspection of your home will give you a strong piece of mind, that your home is termite free. There are some environmentally friendly ways to prevent termites. Some species of wood are not favorable to termites such as: cedar, redwood, and juniper, so building with these is an option. Another way to keep termites away from your home is to keep the area under and around your home dry, termites need some source of water to live. Use sand as a barrier between wood and the soil will also help, as termites are unable to dig through sand. If there are signs of termites, then taking quick action to eradicate the problem is paramount to controlling damage.

Unfortunately, many products used to kill termites are very toxic, and if used can have lasting effects on the home. Some green alternatives to these chemical pesticides are available for you to try. Using repeated applications of undiluted vinegar can deter termites and help when an infestation is in the beginning stages. A natural animal that will kill off termites are nematodes. These microscopic worms can be purchased online from many garden supply stores.


Nematodes are used in the garden as pest control, and have recently started being used to help combat termites. These little worms infect the termites and eventually cause their death. Termites will not be aware that they are infected so they will take the nematodes into the nest and spread them where they can kill off the colony, as the nematodes spread to a new termite host. Nematodes do not cause any harm to people or pets, and do not harm the environment. Nematodes also kill other insects that can be pests around the home, like ants, fleas, and flies. Termites can be safely prevented and killed without using toxic chemicals.

Insect pests may seem small; however, they can cause very expensive damage to your home. These pests can cause any homeowner to grimace at the thought of an infestation, and the damage they can do. Luckily for the person looking to use environmentally friendly products to deter and kill these pests there are many options. More and more people are using new and safer methods to eradicate these pests, and save our home from the damage these pests and the chemicals to control them.