Homes are a very important investment in our future, it is hard to imagine that they could be severely damaged from something the size of quarter or smaller, but it happens every day. Carpenter bees bore into wood structures causing damage, and they can be unnerving to have in your home, even if they aren’t aggressive.

Termites causes thousands of dollars in damage to a home and if left uncontrolled can even destroy a structure. These insects may seem miniscule however, the damage that they can cause on your home can result in thousands of dollars of repair.

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter Bees resemble Bumble Bees, but if you see them coming out of wood then they are Carpenter bees. Unlike Honeybees that live in a hive, Carpenter bees are solitary creatures. Carpenter bees are like Honey bees as they are excellent pollinators, and for that reason are considered beneficial insects. Only the female of this species can sting, and usually only does so in self-defense, however it can still be uncomfortable to have them in and around your home.

Carpenter bees generally don’t do very much structural damage, unless they are left to burrow year after year, causing the damage to accumulate. It is much easier to discourage Carpenter bees than it is to deal with them. These bees like untreated wood, so by simply painting or varnishing your wood can help to keep them away. If already dealing with an infestation, there are several options.

getting rid of carpenter bees

Calling a professional pest removal specialist is always an choice, and you can ask about environmentally safe and humane pest removal. Trying to do-it-yourself is an option as well, you can try vacuuming them out. Wait till dusk then use the vacuum hose to suck them up and throw away the bag. A less hands on approach is to purchase or make a Carpenter bee trap, these traps are all similar made out of untreated light colored wood with smooth walls on the inside with the plastic trap part on the bottom.

The bee flies in and can’t get out and later the plastic part of the trap can be removed and the insects disposed of. After the bees have been removed it is important to fill in their tunnels, otherwise other bees may take up residence. Carpenter bees may not be very aggressive, but if left untreated can eventually cause a lot of damage to your wood structures.